MJ Collaboration


The following is an artist profile featuring @bmjc98, the creator of the featured piece in this series.


Please introduce yourself to our readers. What would you like them to know about you?

Hi, I’m MJ, from the Philippines. I’m a frustrated writer who loves to blog about random stuff on read.cash, a crypto-blogging platform that lets you earn Bitcoin cash. I am also a furmom of 5 dogs that I consider as my own children. 🙂

What was the inspiration for this piece?

Honestly, this piece here was never part of the plan. My first concept was to highlight my 2019 drawings. I only got a few pieces but when I showed them to a friend, he then encouraged me to join NFT and who knows, I could earn something from it in the future.

Unfortunately, the first collection was rejected and so, I was advised by a friend I met on the Telegram channel to create another one. Then I suddenly got the idea of minting my own selfies but with a twist. So instead of showing my real face, I used an app to make it look like an anime. Besides, I find this concept unique since no one has ever done this before, posting an anime version of themselves.

How long have you been designing in the digital realm?

I started minting in March but stopped recently due to some health issues.

Can you tell us about your workflow (how do you come up with ideas, what tools do you use to create)?

Okay, so there’s nothing fancy about my NFTs. For this piece, I only used an app called Snow, where one of its features can turn your ordinary photos into cartoons. I super like it because I’m a big fan of anime when I was younger.

Aside from this app, I also used Canva and PicsArt to add extra filters. Sadly, I only rely on photo editor apps and never tried Adobe or those other fancy software you guys use.

Who are your artistic influences?

I would say @bm8ter. He is a friend I met online and also the same guy who introduced me to NFT. When I showed him some of my drawings, he urged me to try minting them and earn WAX. He’s good at making memes and editing stuff.

What got you interested in NFTs/Crypto Art/Digital Collectibles?

At first, I had zero knowledge about NFTs until @bm8ter mentioned this to me several times, as well as my other friend, @Sadu0ne aka PVM. When I tried it for the first time, they both sent me cute NFTs, which I super love and are still in my wallet up to now. Since then, I keep collecting NFTs. I love NFTs because it reminds me of the traditional cards my brother and I used to collect when we were just kids.

Where can we find you online?

I’m active on Twitter and Telegram. I have Instagram, but I don’t use it anymore. Anyway, just search @bmjc98 on both Twitter and Telegram, and you will find me there. 🙂

Anything else you’d like to share

I just want to take this opportunity to thank you for this. I honestly didn’t expect to be noticed by you, like for real! When you asked me about the artwork, I thought you just wanted to tell me that you got one of those. But when you offered me a collab, I was really shocked. I didn’t expect that an artist like you would offer me something like this, so THANK YOU. 

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