“To The Moon”

“To The Moon” is the fifth original piece of art issued by @cryptoswatches founder Mike Macfadden (@mjmacfadden). Obtain the full color version by blending the greyscale swatch with the solid swatch below. Obtain the glimmering black version by blending all three.

“To The Moon” Original


Learn more about CryptoSwatch founder @mjmacfadden and his fifth original piece titled “To The Moon.”


About This Piece:

I designed this piece after gaining inspiration from Philip VanDusen’s 14 Trends in Graphic Design for 2021. The “Figure Isolation” trend really spoke to me: isolated subjects intertwined in textual elements and abstract geometry is, in my opinion, chef’s kiss perfection. I put my own twist on the trend by adding a subtle starry sky and combining it with another top trend from 2021 called “Redline.”

Whatever your coin, NFT, or crypto project of choice. My hope for you is that it goes to the moon. If you’d like to learn more about my design process hit me up on Twitter @mjmacfadden.


The assets used in this design come from open source libraries linked below.


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